Planning Session

Welcome to the two-part Planning Session with the fabulous Kim Macdonald! Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure where dreams transform into plans and plans become reality—all while having an amazing time! In Part 1, Kim will share her magic planning expertise as you brainstorm and create a captivating vision, filled with possibilities. Cue the celebration and joyful moments! Then, in Part 2, Kim will unleash her exceptional planning skills to help you break down those dreams into actionable steps, fostering laughter and camaraderie along the way. Together, you’ll craft a roadmap to success that’s as vibrant as a rainbow. So grab your planner, put on your favorite party hat, and let’s plan for a future so bright it’ll need shades! With Kim’s infectious energy and expert guidance, you’ll turn your dreams into a game plan for ultimate achievement. Let’s make planning the most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had!