Profit First Mentoring

Profit First offers your business incredible possibilities, transforming the way you handle cash flow and profitability. This powerful approach enables consistent payments, stress-free family vacations, and confident financial management. With Profit First, you’ll generate profits from the very first deposit, building a solid financial foundation that grows with you. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, Profit First is designed for everyone, addressing struggles to pay yourself, manage taxes, and achieve financial goals. At Savvy Office Solutions, we’ve experienced its transformative power firsthand and offer Profit Mentoring to guide you through implementation. Alternatively, our Profit First Assessment package provides a tailored plan based on your financial data. Embrace Profit First and unlock your business’s true financial potential with us.

Profit First Kickstart

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Welcome to the Profit First Kickstart Program with Kim Macdonald! This intensive eight-week boot camp is designed to transform your business's financial health focusing on the fundamental principles of Profit First implementation. Get ready to elevate your understanding of cash flow management with ease and step into the realm of lasting financial profitability!

Profit First Quarterly Review

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Experience the power of accountability and clarity with our quarterly meeting designed for both business and personal growth.

Profit First Kickstart Pick My Brain

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This 1 hour session is Specifically tailored for individuals who need guidance with Profit First but haven't completed the Profit First 101 or Savvy Office Solutions Kick Start programs, this session offers expert assistance in any area of Profit First implementation or advanced methodology that you require.
The investment amount for this session is $500 plus GST.

Profit First 101 Pick My Brain

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Introducing our PF 101 discounted rate:
This 1 hour session is crafted for individuals who seek guidance in implementing Profit First and have enrolled in our Profit First 101. This session offers personalized expert assistance in any area of Profit First implementation or advanced methodology required.
The investment for this session is $250 plus GST.