Liz Pumpa

Owner, WeWorx Massage Therapy

Change can sometimes be scary and hard. However, running a business with blind corners is scarier.
I knew that I needed to understand my business financial figures better, but didn’t know how.
I have always found figures a confusing task to understand especially with the old profit and loss way of things.
Kim has been great at “dumbing down” figures for me and she knew the Profit First structure would suit me perfectly. Kim has guided me gently through the implementation and I feel empowered with the knowledge and consistency I have gained from her.

The Profit First process highlighted the need to be proactive rather than reactive, with the way my business operated.
I have learnt that being able to see “Real” money, in multiple accounts, made me feel a lot more in control of my business running resulting in reducing stress and guess work.

This process has provided me with more clarity with my business growth, staying debt free and saving for things as they come.
No more credit cards or personal loans. I am planning for future growth with confidence and clarity.
Now I see real money, I plan, I take action and I get to enjoy a cash profit for all the hard work.
It makes me feel happy, satisfied and in control.

Trust the process and enjoy the empowerment.