Lisa Hein

Director, Evolution Design Agency

I first engaged Kim from Savvy Office Solutions in 2013, as a bookkeeper. I was a sole trader at the time. As a creative person, I can tell you that ‘doing the books’ has never been something I’ve been passionate about. Outsourcing the books to Kim was the first of many decisions that I attribute to my success. Giving me more time to focus on serving my clients and designing! And sure, Kim is a fantastic bookkeeper, but it was Kim’s patience and her ability to keep me accountable that has truly made a big impact on the growth of my business. Here I am, 6 years on, and I am now a company director and employer, with a team of five, with our own premises in the heart of Geelong CBD, a far cry from my home business, by myself, those 6 years ago. My business has gone from strength to strength with Kim’s support. We are now thriving with sales targets a tenth of the size today as they were when I first engaged Kim. Thank you Kim, you’ve held my hand and supported me through it all and I’ll never forget it.