Eileen Egerton

New Zealand sole trader Massage Therapist

Profit first has highlighted to me the power of consistency, being key. Small steps taken consistently add up to significant progress in the right direction!
I have gained valuable insight to what motivates me and how meeting challenges brings satisfaction eg. being encouraged to learn more computer skills/ upgrading knowledge around technology brings personal satisfaction and freedom from relying in others for this - but this only comes with applied learning application -kind of obvious but setting these goals has meant that I’m not simply ‘treading water’ when it comes to technology ie. the mentality of ‘I have enough knowledge to get by’ versus ‘I enjoy gaining new skills/tools that advance me and my business’.

Even though I have read the book Profit First – I would never have been able to implement this in a structured way, as I have done with Kim. Kim‘s methodical approach, and ability to break down the information into digestible size pieces, makes the program approachable and easily understood.