Loretta Hart

The process has uncovered that my understanding of where our money went was lacking. It also helped me uncover more about my money stories. As a business owner, I have learnt that without a comprehensive understanding of the flow of your money, it’s very hard to set let alone reach goals. The feeling of ‘never getting anywhere’ comes from lack of transparency in finances.

An unexpected outcome from the program would be how simple a finance system can be. I think what’s held me back from being curious or committed is it felt it would be too hard. While it’s not always easy, the system is quite simple.
Kim Macdonald’s knowledge, skills, emotional intelligence, and sense of humour helped me know I was in safe hands.

Before Profit First, I’d rather poke my eyes out with pins than tackle the finances of my business, but Kim met this reluctance with a good dose of reality and helped me see what’s possible beyond just the bottom line in the bank balance.

While we aren’t printing money just yet, my confidence has increased as well as my sense of foreboding has diminished when I open the banking app.

It’s nice to be back in the financial driving seat - thanks Kim