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Change can sometimes be scary and hard. However, running a business with blind corners is scarier.
I knew that I needed to understand my business financial figures better, but didn’t know how.
I have always found figures a confusing task to understand especially with the old profit and loss way of things.
Kim has been great at “dumbing down” figures for me and she knew the Profit First structure would suit me perfectly. Kim has guided me gently through the implementation and I feel empowered with the knowledge and consistency I have gained from her.

The Profit First process highlighted the need to be proactive rather than reactive, with the way my business operated.
I have learnt that being able to see “Real” money, in multiple accounts, made me feel a lot more in control of my business running resulting in reducing stress and guess work.

This process has provided me with more clarity with my business growth, staying debt free and saving for things as they come.
No more credit cards or personal loans. I am planning for future growth with confidence and clarity.
Now I see real money, I plan, I take action and I get to enjoy a cash profit for all the hard work.
It makes me feel happy, satisfied and in control.

Trust the process and enjoy the empowerment.

Liz Pumpa

Owner, WeWorx Massage Therapy

The outcome of implementing Profit First has given us clarity and confidence on where the money is going.

Firstly, Having an income only account makes it clear how much money is coming in.
Moving the expenses out of our income account gave me a great opportunity to review and to reduce what was no longer needed straight away.
Secondly, having separated our business expenses and materials and subs created clarity on cash flow for our outgoings.
Thirdly, allocating owners’ pay has the benefit of both making the business financial position easier to understand and also ensuring we have enough to live on personally.

I am sure that without Kim’s support we would not have fully implemented Profit First. Throughout the implementation it raised many questions and having Kim to support, guide and encourage us to persevere was invaluable.
Thank you so much Kim for guiding us through the Profit First Process and sticking with us.

Daniel Strumpel

Owner, GravIT

I really needed to know more about where my money was going – and what the true definition of profit is!
Although I had a fundamental understanding of this, Profit First helped me drill down and understand my numbers in more detail.

Working with a Profit First Professional was essential for me. Although I had read the book Profit First, the financial analysis required was overwhelming so Kim undertook this process for me.
Kim was wonderful to work with, as she provided a safe space to ask questions and patiently demystified the language surrounding finance. Kim unpacked the concept and delivered the information in an easily digestible way.

Profit First has given me peace of mind as a business owner, knowing that systems are in place to deal with the peaks and troughs which business ownership inherently delivers. There is no better feeling than taking back the reins and getting back in control of your numbers, and business goals.

Eileen Egerton

Owner, Natures Formula

I first engaged Kim from Savvy Office Solutions in 2013, as a bookkeeper. I was a sole trader at the time. As a creative person, I can tell you that ‘doing the books’ has never been something I’ve been passionate about. Outsourcing the books to Kim was the first of many decisions that I attribute to my success. Giving me more time to focus on serving my clients and designing! And sure, Kim is a fantastic bookkeeper, but it was Kim’s patience and her ability to keep me accountable that has truly made a big impact on the growth of my business. Here I am, 6 years on, and I am now a company director and employer, with a team of five, with our own premises in the heart of Geelong CBD, a far cry from my home business, by myself, those 6 years ago. My business has gone from strength to strength with Kim’s support. We are now thriving with sales targets a tenth of the size today as they were when I first engaged Kim. Thank you Kim, you’ve held my hand and supported me through it all and I’ll never forget it.

Lisa Hein

Director, Evolution Design Agency

Thank you to Kim for your expert service and training. You were more than able to meet our needs and quickly find solutions for staff training and organizing our business Xero account. I feel better equipped knowing we are now up to date, and confident we can now implement your strategies to maintain our account moving forward. I would highly recommend Kim for any Xero or other accounting needs.
Much appreciated from Kate and the team at Ballarat Myotherapy Clinic

Kate and the team

Ballarat Myotherapy Clinic

Savvy Office Solutions has provided my massage clinic with the tools, knowledge and support I needed to take my business to the next level.
When I first started working with Savvy, my books and record keeping were a mess. Savvy set the business up on Xero and have taught myself and our admin staff how to use it. They have been knowledgeable and friendly throughout all our dealings and we would happily recommend them to anyone who needs help in this area!

Elicia Crook

Owner, Ocean Grove Remedial Massage and Massage Champions

Congratulations Kim and Team I cannot speak of your services highly enough … patient and very professional and the difference you’ve created by organising my chaos is huge not to mention re claiming my lost ‘time freedom’. That’s GOLD in itself… I strongly recommend anyone with multiple income streams seriously consider your generous services.

Sandy Leathem

Feldenkrais Practitioner and MAX Presenter/Partner

Savvy Office Solutions helped us make the transition from MYOB to Xero with minimum disruption and fuss. Kim came to our workplace and guided us through the process with professionalism and ease. She’s also been more than helpful with follow up advice. I would highly recommend Savvy Office Solutions to any other small business operator.

Shannon Stevenson

Owner, MooMedia Australia

Savvy Office Solutions are a great company to have on board to help, especially when you have a busy schedule. When I started my business, I needed a bookkeeper who was confident in their field. I found Kim and her team to be professional and dedicated to keeping my account organised, which eliminated any stress for me. I would recommend Savvy Office Solutions to anyone who wants the security of having competent staff with effective communication skills, looking after their accounts.

Dr. Alaa Hassan

Straight out of the box Kim at Savvy Office Solutions provided expert help, training and advice in sorting out my bookwork. She was able to get me back on track and balance the books quickly. She also provided training which got me up to speed in maintaining Xero more efficiently. I call Kim for all my bookkeeping and Xero queries and I can sleep at night knowing that if I make a mistake, Kim is only a phone call or email away with the solution and a timely response.

Craig Millett

Proprietor, Noble Foods

The process has uncovered that my understanding of where our money went was lacking. It also helped me uncover more about my money stories. As a business owner, I have learnt that without a comprehensive understanding of the flow of your money, it’s very hard to set let alone reach goals. The feeling of ‘never getting anywhere’ comes from lack of transparency in finances.

An unexpected outcome from the program would be how simple a finance system can be. I think what’s held me back from being curious or committed is it felt it would be too hard. While it’s not always easy, the system is quite simple.
Kim Macdonald’s knowledge, skills, emotional intelligence, and sense of humour helped me know I was in safe hands.

Before Profit First, I’d rather poke my eyes out with pins than tackle the finances of my business, but Kim met this reluctance with a good dose of reality and helped me see what’s possible beyond just the bottom line in the bank balance.

While we aren’t printing money just yet, my confidence has increased as well as my sense of foreboding has diminished when I open the banking app.

It’s nice to be back in the financial driving seat - thanks Kim

Loretta Hart

Profit first has highlighted to me the power of consistency, being key. Small steps taken consistently add up to significant progress in the right direction!
I have gained valuable insight to what motivates me and how meeting challenges brings satisfaction eg. being encouraged to learn more computer skills/ upgrading knowledge around technology brings personal satisfaction and freedom from relying in others for this - but this only comes with applied learning application -kind of obvious but setting these goals has meant that I’m not simply ‘treading water’ when it comes to technology ie. the mentality of ‘I have enough knowledge to get by’ versus ‘I enjoy gaining new skills/tools that advance me and my business’.

Even though I have read the book Profit First – I would never have been able to implement this in a structured way, as I have done with Kim. Kim‘s methodical approach, and ability to break down the information into digestible size pieces, makes the program approachable and easily understood.

Eileen Egerton

New Zealand sole trader Massage Therapist

The program has given me a much better picture of how to set up the financial structure of our business. I have learned to separate more clearly business and personal costs which has given me a better sense of how the business is performing.

Thanks Kim for the opportunity to take on Profit First with you. It has reduced stress and worry and helped give me more confidence and purpose with how we deal with our finances.
The combination of your knowledge, straight talk, and fun has made it easier to trust in the Profit First Process and take action to give us greater clarity and more control over our business.

Matt Hart

I find your unique ability is your candid manner in dealing with clients, especially new ones that let their affairs get way out of hand. Candid in a good way: succinct in your thoughts, clear in your articulation and to the point with what is possible and what is not.

Warren P. Vine

I have had the pleasure of working with Kim MacDonald from Savvy Office Solutions. Kim was referred to me through a business coaching group I was involved with. Kim was recommended to me as I was told she had an understanding of the massage therapy industry.

Kim is unlike any bookkeeper I’ve had in the past. As she walked me through step by step, everything I needed to do in order to get my books in order.
She took time to teach me how to use Xero, to the point that I can now teach other people how to use it more proficiently too.

Kim makes me feel like I want to do my bookkeeping, and I feel good that I’m making Kim happy when I do.

She is unique in the way, that it’s not all about rules (like, bookkeeping is about rules), but if we do as we’re told it makes the task at hand much easier in the future.

Marcus Harding

I really value that you have personal experience as an owner of a service based business (other than bookkeeping), have worked with other massage/health businesses and have an in-depth understanding of the industry and the challenges we face as business owners.

Catherine Dore

I would definitely say Kim’s quick response time, your attention to detail and your way of explaining things in a way that’s easily understandable.

Nadine Puryer

I just wanted to reach out to let you know what a champion Leonie is, and to say thank you to her for all her hard work!...Her work ethic has been so great…..On behalf of TNM I thank you sincerely.
It makes a huge difference not only to our business but also our life as a family. It's been huge. We are in gratitude and can't thank you all enough.

Jamie, Laura and Alex

TNM Creative Media